Ricki's Story

Ricki Hall grew up in the industrial city of Wolverhampton in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In his own words:
“The stuff I remember from those days is the inspiration for RH GYM. I didn’t do well at school due to ADHD. I got bored and frustrated with the teachers there and had run ins with the law for fighting. I did love to play football though... and was the striker and top goal-scorer (3 years in a row!). When I was around 11, I remember the football coach always wore an old grey tracksuit, and my PE teacher was the type with a big moustache, hairy legs and a terrycloth T-shirt. I also loved the sight of the pub football team in the pub after the match all in their tracksuit tops and Farah jeans, with slicked-back hair, smelling of BRUT and last night’s bad decisions… With the list of the football team and who was playing written on the back of cigarette packets. My Dad had sideburns, long hair, and looked like Kevin Keegan, with gold jewellery and a moody Rolex. I remember him with short shorts, and a pint in his hand on summer holidays.
I was obsessed with films like “Stand By Me”, and was transfixed by any movie or book that had a rags-to-riches plot.. always rooting for the underdog. I used to sneak beers from my Dad’s booze cabinet and go watch Rocky films with my friends, then we’d drunk box each other while listening to the soundtrack. Often i’d sit on the floor directly in front of the telly, mouth open, transfixed by my icons Sylvester Stallone, Arnie, Steve McQueen….These are the things I remember and the inspiration for RH GYM."